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  • POV BJ

    What I'd like to see is basically an extended BJ part of the "Mandy needs an A" video, with a "real" dildo. I like everything from that one: the piggytails, outfit, angle, lighting. I've made crappy pictures illustrating my requests for the video (please see attachments): SETTING.JPG: I believe this is the best position in order to achieve the POV I'd like to see. CAMERA_ANGLE.JPG: I took a snapshot of your video "Mandy needs an A". I really liked that angle and it would be great to have it in this video. Please avoid odd angles if possible (where the camera films the top of your head or hair covers your face). DESIRED_FOV.JPG: Please just zoom it out just a bit and it'll be perfect (based on previous snapshot). Also please avoid moving or shaking the camera too much. As for the action/script: - blowjob (avoid stroking/jerking, just hold it gently at the base with your hands) - speech: "please cum im my mouth, makoto" - guy cums - you wipe the cum out of the dick with a towel - speech: "you came too fast, I want more!" - suck again until it gets hard again End.

    Wow, it's amazing! I feel like a movie director or something, I'm glad the art instructions worked so well. That's EXACTLY what I wanted! My perfect Xmas gift :) I loved the adlib and you're so beautiful, makes me want to request another one already :D Thanks a lot! Please thank the dude for me as well, you both did an awesome job!

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    • Price: $16.99
    • Filesize: 373.1 MB
    • Length: 10:00
    • Created: 5/18/13
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


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