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Interracial anonymous

  • Interracial anonymous

    Custom request. You’re a member of IA, {interracial Anonymous} a support group for white women obsessed with big black cock and watching black men jerk off in particular. After one of your meetings you get a craving for dark meat. You call your sponsor but she's not answering. Your pussy is so wet and you’re so horny that you can't stand it anymore and you call your neighbor over under the false pretense that you needed to borrow sugar. You’re sitting on the couch very nervous and you decide to tell me the truth. Your addicted to BBC and you need a fix BAD!! You tell me how you've always noticed how hard my cock seems whenever you’re around so I shouldn't have a problem. You ask me to take out my cock so you can see. I yank out my bull cock and you’re so shocked and turned on you quickly start getting undressed, lube up your BBC dildo and start to masturbate with me. You thank me while you’re masturbating for being a good sport about your addiction and begin to talk dirty about your love for black bull cock. You throw your legs back and play with your ass hole a bit telling me that you like your ass licked. Your dirty talk is too much for me and I cut loose with a rainbow blast of cock splooge all over myself and your floor. This triggers your own intense orgasm. When you recover you thank me and ask me if it's ok to call me if you want to get off in the future. 

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    • Length: 11:00
    • Created: 4/21/13
    • Nudity? Yes
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