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Hubby closet cuckold

  • Hubby closet cuckold

    Filmed with Ceara Lynch

    How's married life treating you as my closet cuck? I have an even better treat for you since the day I turned you into my hubby cuckold and keep you locked in the closet. You hear me fuck all the men I want while I keep you sexually frustrated in the closet. My girlfriend  Ceara Lynch and I had a great time fucking my boyfriend, yeah that's right, a 3 some and he can go all night. That's where you come in my hubby cuck, Silly me forgot to leave you dinner so I bet you are hungry. Be a good boy and gobble down 2 condoms full of cum. Delicious right? That's what a real man taste like, but you would know nothing about that. Can you tell that one was in my ass? I did promise I would let you lick my pussy so I left you a little dessert, right here... Suck my lovers cream pie. Ceara and I degrade you and demand you do your duties as our cum cleaner. OMG, look at your pathetic dick trying to grow inside that little device. I take it off of you and give you hopes of release but sadistically remind you that I would never allow you to cum again and really I’m appalled that it still even works. A few harsh kicks in the cock and balls should take care of that.

    Video Info

    • Price: $12.99
    • Filesize: 464.3 MB
    • Length: 8:00
    • Created: 8/10/13
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


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